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Internet Job Search Advice

Posted by Mark Baber
Apr 22 2010

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The 21st Century ... has brought along some big changes in how a job search is conducted.

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Just a generation ago ... a resume was a simple sheet of paper, maybe two, that outlined basic job duties, job title, name of supervisor, street address, company name(s), home phone number, and your favorite hobbies. Things have changed.

Nowadays, your resume or CV must clearly express your skills and achievements in a professioinal manner, and exactly fit the workplace needs and demeanor of the employer with whom you seek employment.

Same holds true when your job search is performed via internet exchanges, where your emails, digital resumes and your onlline activities often become a factor towards determining how well you, as a job candidate, fit a certain job; qualifying measures that always seem to take place prior to any first telephone or face-to-face meeting between job candidate and hiring authorities.

When you consider that most of your 'first contact' with employers, these 21st Century days, is impersonal, done by email, or web-form, at a corporate website or onlilne job bank, there is little wonder that the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that near eighty-percent of resumes received by internet do not pass through to the office of the hiring authority. Imagine that, only two-out-of-ten resumes can best the online resume submission process! By improving the ways you communicate with employers online, you increase your odds of setting a job interview.

Internet Job Search Tips

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Best of luck in your job search


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