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"Hey,DoYaWannaJob?" Magazine Job Seeker Industry Stats

Posted by Mark Baber
May 03 2010


"Hey,DoYaWannaJob?" Magazine:

Job Seeker Distribution-By-Industry Stats

Editors at “Hey,DoYaWannaJob?” Magazine, survey readers to make certain all industries have editorial coverage within the pages of the publication. Additionally, they counsel and partner with outside hiring specialists, too, such as job aggregation and distribution specialists and executive search recruiters, to maintain an overall view of industries with significant job seeker populations. That helps editors to assign article topics that are the most practical, and focused on job search issues that deliver a positive outcome to the reader.

Below is a list of primary industries that represent the spectrum of job seeker types that utilize “Hey,DoYaWannaJob?” Magazine and JobNewsRadio.com job search services.

Accounting & Finance

Arts, Entertainment & Gaming

Clerical & Administrative

Construction & Extraction

Customer Service

Education, Training, & Library

Engineering & Architecture

Healthcare & Medical

Human Resources

Information Technology


Legal Services

Management & Business

Manufacturing & Production

Marketing & Advertising

Media & Communication

Merchandising, Purchasing & Retail

Military & Government

Personal & Home Services

Public Relations

Public Utilities & Services

Real Estate & Building Maintenance


Sales & Sales Management

Science & Biotech

Transportation & Logistics

Travel, Hospitality & Restaurant

The “Hey,DoYaWannaJob?” Job Search Directory and Magazine is designed to help job seekers to reach targeted companies and/or staffing agencies that are looking for someone with specific skills. Not only are there many hundreds of industry specific employers represented within the pages of the magazine and JobNewsRadio web pages, but readers also find access to recruiter, temp, staffing and executive search organizations that literally extend into every phase of industry hiring.

If you would like to directly reach these companies and staffing agencies, you can perform the outreach on your own schedule and in your own manner, or let us email your resume to them through our resume distribution service. You must be logged on as a member first, but membership is free, and once your resume is posted to our system, you can take advantage of this service, as well as other free job seeker services.

And don’t be worried about your current employer finding out. You will have the chance to eliminate a current or past employer from your resume distribution. And your job search can remain confidential, too, if you choose our Confidential Distribution option, as you will receive a separate and unique confidential email address, designed to auto-forward all your resume responses direct to whichever email address you pick. With that, you can identify every company that responds to your resume, prior to answering any questions, and decide if you want to talk to them, or not.

It gets better... you get the opportunity to review and customize your resume-send email before it gets distributed so you can make sure the companies are getting exactly what you want them to see.


John O. - Executive

Great Features!

I have been searching various jobsites for the past week and I was very pleasantly surprised at the logic, professionalism and ergonomic layout of your site. In addition to your URL & pic features are very unique and will probably be the future of job posting.

Thank you,

John O. - Executive, Sales & Marketing - Florida, USA


Jason K. - Project Leader

What a Great Site


I have been on many other job boards and I have to say your site seems to be the best site I have worked with.


Jason K.

Project Leader, IT - Pennsylvania, US


David D. - IT Director

Your site is the most well designed IT Career site I have visited. Wonderful tool - easy, fast, well thought out!


David D.

Director of IS, IT - Florida, US


Laura O. - Customer Service

Great Website

Dear Webmaster,

I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed using your website. I am amazed at how easy it is to use and there are so many awesome features here that other job search websites don’t have. I will definitely be passing your site on to others.


Laura O.

Administrative Assistance - California, US


Jordana J. - Accountant

Dear Webmaster,

What a great service! You wouldn’t believe how many different websites I’ve tried. Searching for a job had become a job in itself.

This site makes it easy… Thanks so much!

Jordana J.

Accountant - Alabama, US



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