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Dec 15 2010




Follow up on a Job interview?




I recently applied for a job at the local dollar store. About a month later, I was there buying things. The boss, (who is an acquaintance of mine) asked if I wanted to go for an interview the next day. I said of course!

So, she said she would call me that day and tell me what time she would like me to come in the following day. I assume she got very busy, because she didn't call. So, the next morning, I called as soon as they opened and asked when she would like me to come in. She said 1:30.

I went in that afternoon. I suppose the interview went well, I have never done an interview before. She seemed happy and I think I answered everything correctly.

She told me she would let whoever know the next day who got the position. (She is giving 2 part time positions.)

So, I really want this job but I'm not sure how I should go about this.

Should I call her and ask her about her decision, since she forgot to call last time? Or should I just wait? I want to show that I really want this job and I'm excited about it, but I don't want to be a bother.

If I do call, what should I say? I'm thinking something along the lines of "Thanks for taking time to interview me, I don't mean to bother you, but I'm really excited and I'm wondering if you have made a decision on the job?"

Any advice helps. Thanks.







From: - Mark Baber, Senior Placement Specialist


This was your first job interview, you were unprepared. Most employers make their decisions for such part-time jobs with relative promptness. That doesn't mean they are not interested in you. And it doesn't mean you won't get the job, if you really want that particular job.

My advice is that you not make the dollar store your only job choice, though still pursue it, if that's what you want. There are likely other retail jobs available in your same area that offer part-time jobs. Over 70% of part-time jobs are not posted to web sites and newspapers. Meaning this, there are probably other jobs available that you may find are more eager to hire you.

Remember the following when you go to your next job interview: All employers want you to talk about how well you understand and can perform the job they will hire you for. In your next interview, bring along a list of duties you can already perform to their benefit, put them on your resume; in other words, when you speak in your next job interview, tell them you want the job, tell them what you already know about how to perform that job, and how you will exceed their expectations for that job, if you are hired. Do that in the job interview, as a preparation to your job interview follow-up.

To follow-up - which is the primary question herein - be assertive, honest, enthusiastic, let the employer know you will be following-up the job interview, and you say that in the initial job interview - don't wait to say you want the job - and tell them exactly when (no more than a couple days for a part-time job) and how you will get back with them to check on your results, then do it, make the call or drop by to check personally with the hiring agent exactly as you say you will.

Actions-speak-louder-than-words. Seeing your dedication to being on time for the interview, being prepared for the job interview, and offering additional documents and comments that assure the hiring agent that you can perform some duties now, and can be trained on others in short time - you prove to the hiring agent that you are the most prepared and motivated job candidate they have seen. Say it all again when you do your job interview follow-up.

Good luck in your job search!



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